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Republican Shutdown Demands vs. What They Got

Republican Shutdown Demands

I’d love to think that perhaps they learned their lesson, but if history teaches us anything, they didn’t. Here’s hoping the average voter still remembers this a year from now for the midterm elections. Source: The Maddow Blog

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Can we label the Tea Party a hate group yet?

In the past few weeks, the tea party faction that has taken over the Republican party has booed an American soldier serving in Iraq simply because he was openly gay, cheered Rick Perry’s execution record, and shouted “let him die”

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I’d Pay-Per-View that.

It would be like a train wreck — you can’t look away. (Source)

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The Tea Party Shutdown

If you watch every the slightest bit of even the most local of news programs, you’re probably aware that if the Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on a budget for the rest of this fiscal year, the federal government will

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Boycott Koch Industries: Avoid These Brands

Koch Brothers Boycott

Updated 10/14/13 In an effort to do my small part to harm the extreme right-wing efforts of the Koch brothers, I will be henceforth doing my best to avoid purchasing any and all products from Koch Industries. If you are

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Teabaggers in Wisconsin need teachers more than they realize.

Maybe this will help you out next time you’re making a sign to support your cause: (source)

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Scott Walker’s Mubarak Moment

For those of you that have been watching, listening, or reading pretty much any US news coverage over the last week, other of course than the propaganda being spouted by the talking heads over at Fox News, you are probably

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The Best Signs From The Sanity Rally

As you may be aware (or not, if you only watch Fox News), Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held a joint “Rally To Restore Sanity / Rally To Keep Fear Alive” on the mall in Washington DC yesterday. It was

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Dear Tea Party…

Source: Unknown

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