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Can we label the Tea Party a hate group yet?

In the past few weeks, the tea party faction that has taken over the Republican party has booed an American soldier serving in Iraq simply because he was openly gay, cheered Rick Perry’s execution record, and shouted “let him die” about a hypothetical man who got sick without insurance. Similar hate-filled incidents go further back [...]

Boycott Koch Industries: Avoid These Brands

Updated 10/14/13 In an effort to do my small part to harm the extreme right-wing efforts of the Koch brothers, I will be henceforth doing my best to avoid purchasing any and all products from Koch Industries. If you are not familiar with them, they have been secretly funding various tea party efforts and have [...]

The Best Signs From The Sanity Rally

As you may be aware (or not, if you only watch Fox News), Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held a joint “Rally To Restore Sanity / Rally To Keep Fear Alive” on the mall in Washington DC yesterday. It was a huge outpouring of support from Americans who aren’t completely irrational, brainwashed by the extreme [...]