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Second-Hand Smoke Is Hazardous To Your Warranty

If you’re one of those people who sits at their computer sucking down cigarette after cigarette, you might want to think twice about your habit. Reports coming in from The Consumerist are saying that Mac users are be declined for

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A Smoke-Free Wisconsin

Ok, so not completely smoke-free, but as of July 5, 2010, all bars, restaurants, and workplaces in the state of Wisconsin will be non-smoking. Governor Doyle signed the measure in to law earlier today, saying, “It’s time for every person

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Open Letter To Cigarette Smokers

Dear Smoker Driving In Front Of Me, Don’t worry, I’m not about to go off on a tirade about how what you do should be made illegal. I respect the rights that you have in this country to smoke cigarettes

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