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Last Night’s Primary & Caucuses

Rick Santorum

For those of you that follow politics, you’re probably aware that last night there were caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado as well as a primary in Missouri. All of these are “non-binding”, meaning that people can vote however they please,

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Can we label the Tea Party a hate group yet?

In the past few weeks, the tea party faction that has taken over the Republican party has booed an American soldier serving in Iraq simply because he was openly gay, cheered Rick Perry’s execution record, and shouted “let him die”

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I’d Pay-Per-View that.

It would be like a train wreck — you can’t look away. (Source)

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New Word: Regressives

Regressives – noun The new label representing the political attitude of the Republican Party, showing their push towards policies that strip American citizens of their rights. This should be adopted to refer to the Republican Party in the same respect

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