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Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Hits The App Store

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

It’s official! The latest version of Mac OS X, dubbed “Mountain Lion” (version 10.8), has hit the Mac App Store. I’ll be installing it on my MacBook tonight and will put up a review once I’ve had a chance to

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5 Apps That Should Be Built In To Mac OS X

Mac App Store

Every once in a while a developer releases an app for Mac OS X that becomes so integrated in to my daily use of the computer that I am disheartened when I use another Mac and that feature is missing.

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Snow Leopard First Impressions

I got my copy of Apple’s newest Incarnation of Mac OS X yesterday, impressively shipped to me by Apple for free via FedEx Priority Overnight. I haven’t put it through a thorough workout quite yet, but first impressions are very

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Snow Leopard Set To Ship Early

I’ve gotta admit, I’m pretty excited about Apple’s forthcoming new incarnation of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard (10.6). It certainly isn’t going to be wowing anyone with visual changes and enhancements as prior releases have, but what Snow Leopard packs

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Top 5 Most Awesome Freeware Apps for Mac OS X

Growing up, I always had macs. From my first MacSE sporting the lightning-fast 8mhz 68000 processor to college when I had a Power Mac running a 200mhz PowerPC 603e processor, I was always a Mac person. Even after that last

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Just who is Psystar?

At first it was all over the news that some company in Miami named “Psystar” is selling Mac clones. Compatible PC hardware hacked to run Mac OS X. The term Hackintosh made its way in to mainstream media for the

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Computer Woes

Windows decided to take a complete dump on me today and I ended up spending the last 6 hours fixing my computer. Thankfully, I was able to pop in a live cd of Ubuntu 7.10 that I had lying around

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