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Whenever I hear about the Koch brothers, this is who I picture in my head.

Being in Wisconsin, the Koch brothers pop up in the news every now and again because they purchased themselves a Governor here. Although I do in fact know what they look like, my brain still chooses to picture Randolph and Mortimer Duke, from the film Trading Places. I doubt it will ever happen, but I [...]

David Koch’s AFP Plays Dirty in Wisconsin’s Recalls

In an un-surprisingly sleazy twist, a political advocacy group called Americans for Prosperity has been caught red-handed by Politico mailing absentee ballots to Democrats with instructions to return the ballot after the election. For those unclear on this concept, this tactic is what’s known as electoral fraud. Americans for Prosperity is a well-known tool that [...]

Boycott Koch Industries: Avoid These Brands

Updated 10/14/13 In an effort to do my small part to harm the extreme right-wing efforts of the Koch brothers, I will be henceforth doing my best to avoid purchasing any and all products from Koch Industries. If you are not familiar with them, they have been secretly funding various tea party efforts and have [...]