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Glenn Beck’s Response to the AZ Massacre

In the wake of the horrible tragedy in Arizona this past weekend, Glenn Beck decided to put up a segment on his website in response to the massacre about how “we must stand together against all violence”. Apparently, in his

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Best Photos From Glenn Beck’s Teabagging Rally

There are lots of completely tasteless rally pictures floating around the Internet from this past weekend’s teabagging rally promoted by the ever-tasteful Glenn Beck. I’m not really sure what the actual purpose of his rally was, other than to breed

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Glenn Beck Admits He’s A Dirtbag & Liar

In the clip you’re about to watch, Glenn Beck finally admits something that we all already knew about him: He’s a dirtbag and a liar. Sadly, for some reason he felt the need to refer to himself as a dirtbag

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When Does Glenn Beck Get Fired?

Glenn Beck has been in the news a lot lately. At first it was just his outrageous hate-mongering comments that were getting him there and, sadly, those same comments were getting him equally outrageous ratings. As of late, though, he

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