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Fox News on Thanksgiving

In an attempt to stay as classy as ever, Fox News decided to throw up (pun intended) an opinion piece about what you should be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The title of the article is really all that matters, but, yes, the rest of the article is just as disturbing.

The Best Signs From The Sanity Rally

As you may be aware (or not, if you only watch Fox News), Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held a joint “Rally To Restore Sanity / Rally To Keep Fear Alive” on the mall in Washington DC yesterday. It was a huge outpouring of support from Americans who aren’t completely irrational, brainwashed by the extreme… Read More »

Fox News Pie Chart Fail

The following graphic, presented on the air by Fox “News” recently shows the split amongst the GOP when it comes to support for three potential 2012 presidential candidate. Keep in mind, that their source is the ever-reliable nationally accredited polling organization known as “Opinion”. Coming in at a mind-numbing 70% support is, of course, Sarah… Read More »

When Does Glenn Beck Get Fired?

Glenn Beck has been in the news a lot lately. At first it was just his outrageous hate-mongering comments that were getting him there and, sadly, those same comments were getting him equally outrageous ratings. As of late, though, he seems to be pissing off the wrong people. Advertiser after advertiser have been dropping him… Read More »