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Now Open: Chai Life Merchandise

Good news, everyone! Chai Life is now offering an ever-growing selection of apparel, bumper stickers, and gifts. To start off, we’re splitting up the selections in to three categories: Geeky, Political, and Jewish. All of the products are made to order by CafePress, so you never have to worry about the item you want to [...]

Pending Design Overhaul

Depending on when you read this post, you may notice that the site looks a bit different. Okay, a lot different. I’ve decided to redesign the layout and theme of Chai Life from the ground up. Instead of doing it in the background then making the finished theme live, the site will look extremely barren [...]

Chai Life on Facebook

Good news, everyone! If you’re a fan of this blog (or me, for that matter), you can now “Like” our new Facebook Page. This will allow anyone out there on the Internet to get all of the latest blog updates instantly via your Facebook wall instead of checking back here all the time. So, please, [...]

Best Month Ever!

This has been the most active month that this blog has ever seen. I’d like to personally thank everyone who has stopped here at Chai Life throughout October of 2009, but with a total of 12,096 unique visitors, that would be tough to do. Instead, I’ll just post my thanks here. Thanks for reading!