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Top Ten Must-Have Free iPhone Games

Because of the popularity of my Top Ten Must-Have Free iPhone Apps, I’ve decided to put together yet another top ten free apps list, but this time entirely games. Some of these you may have played, some you may not

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Top Ten iPhone Apps For Webmasters

If you run one or more websites and have an iPhone, not unlike myself, then you are probably looking for some apps to help you out a bit. The following list of iPhone Apps is useful for pretty much any

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DIY iPod Commercial Costume

⚠⚠⚠ UPDATE ⚠⚠⚠ This post is quite old, and likely contains broken links. Find an updated version, plus many more ideas at This classic costume modeled after Apple’s iconic advertising for the iPod is rather straightforward and easy to

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Snow Leopard First Impressions

I got my copy of Apple’s newest Incarnation of Mac OS X yesterday, impressively shipped to me by Apple for free via FedEx Priority Overnight. I haven’t put it through a thorough workout quite yet, but first impressions are very

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Snow Leopard Set To Ship Early

I’ve gotta admit, I’m pretty excited about Apple’s forthcoming new incarnation of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard (10.6). It certainly isn’t going to be wowing anyone with visual changes and enhancements as prior releases have, but what Snow Leopard packs

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Top Five Features The iPhone Needs

The iPhone is a very awesome palm-sized computer and phone and is the catalyst of a new generation of smart phones, but there are certain things it lacks that would greatly improve it. Some of these features are even already

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Enable Emoji Icons On Your iPhone

Emoji Icons are a rather extensive set of icons (Emoji being the Japanese word for what we call emoticons or smilies) that are common in Japanese text messaging and web sites and are essentially have been standardized in Japan. They

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Five Small Changes in iPhone OS 3.0 That Rule

There’s been a ton of talk about the big new features that everyone loves in the latest version of the iPhone‘s operating system. Copy & paste, landscape keyboard, MMS (Still waiting on you, AT&T!), and of course better speed come

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Top Ten Must-Have Free iPhone Apps

I love my iPhone 3G. It’s fun, it’s useful, and it continually amazes me that Apple was able to enter a market it previously had zero role in and instantly cause the rest of the industry to start playing catch-up.

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Top 5 Most Awesome Freeware Apps for Mac OS X

Growing up, I always had macs. From my first MacSE sporting the lightning-fast 8mhz 68000 processor to college when I had a Power Mac running a 200mhz PowerPC 603e processor, I was always a Mac person. Even after that last

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