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Hours at Minimum Wage Needed to Afford Rent

The following map has been floating around the cloud for at least a week or so now and I’m so disgusted by what it shows that I just had to share it here. It lists, on a state-by-state basis, how

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Smoke Shack in the Third Ward

I recently joined some good friends for dinner at one of the Third Ward’s newest restaurants. You could probably drive past the Smoke Shack a dozen times and never notice the tiny wooden building on Milwaukee Street, but it would

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Whenever I hear about the Koch brothers, this is who I picture in my head.

Randolph & Mortimer Duke

Being in Wisconsin, the Koch brothers pop up in the news every now and again because they purchased themselves a Governor here. Although I do in fact know what they look like, my brain still chooses to picture Randolph and

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It’s Recall Season in Wisconsin

The time has finally come. As of today, the petition to oust Governor Scott Walker from office has begun. We’ve got 60 days to do it, so please make sure to find someone who has a petition and sign it.

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Today in Wisconsin

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David Koch’s AFP Plays Dirty in Wisconsin’s Recalls

In an un-surprisingly sleazy twist, a political advocacy group called Americans for Prosperity has been caught red-handed by Politico mailing absentee ballots to Democrats with instructions to return the ballot after the election. For those unclear on this concept, this

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Scott Walker Rubs Salt in to Wisconsin’s Wounds

Wisconsin’s smug corporate puppet of a Governor, who will hopefully not make it through a full term, decided after signing his union-busting “budget repair bill” in to law today, that he would turn the douche up to 11 and utilize

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Stay Classy, Fox News.

Truthfully, I didn’t previously think that the level of disgust I have for Fox News could possibly increase. Today it did.

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Teabaggers in Wisconsin need teachers more than they realize.

Maybe this will help you out next time you’re making a sign to support your cause: (source)

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Scott Walker’s Mubarak Moment

For those of you that have been watching, listening, or reading pretty much any US news coverage over the last week, other of course than the propaganda being spouted by the talking heads over at Fox News, you are probably

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