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The Irony. It hurts.

Happy Labor Day! — Governor Walker (@GovWalker) September 2, 2013 His advisors probably should have informed him of the meaning of “Labor Day”.

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Could Milwaukee Host The 2024 Summer Olympics?

Olympic Rings

Ever since a columnist for the Wall Street Journal light-heartedly suggested that Milwaukee could be the perfect host for the 2024 Summer Olympics, there’s been a lot of buzz around the Milwaukee’s little corner of the Internet that this really

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Juniper 61 in Wauwatosa

My wife and I had the rare opportunity to go on a date last night to celebrate our 6th anniversary. My parents were kind enough to babysit for the kids, so we were able to eat somewhere that we wouldn’t

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I Have a Confession: I’m Undecided

Indecision 2012

I am referring, of course, to the upcoming Presidential election. Before you gasp in shock that I might be considering Mitt Romney, I’m not. Any vote that I cast in November will definitely be for Barack Obama. The part I’m

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Tomorrow’s the big day, Wisconsin. VOTE!


I know it seems like it’s been forever since this whole mess started, but tomorrow is finally recall day. As you are probably already aware if you are a regular reader of my humble blog, I am not one to

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Wisconsin Isn’t a Red State

I tweeted this earlier today, but wanted to share it here as well. Wisconsin isn’t a red state. We’re a temporarily embarrassed blue state. Vote for @Barrett4WI on June 5th to fix it. #WIrecall #RecallWalker — Evan Primakow (@EvanPrim) June

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Good News, Wisconsin! Latest Polls Show Barrett & Walker Essentially Tied

I'm With Barrett

Good news came out of the Barrett campaign to recall Scott Walker today. The latest internal polling done by the campaign is showing Walker’s lead in the polls narrowing among likely voters 50% to 48%, well within the 4 point

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Koch Cronies Invade Wisconsin

I know this might not come as a shock to you, but not only are the Koch Brothers backing Governor Walker financially, but they’ve now decided to offer him some of their foot soldiers. From an email Tom Barrett sent

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Scout Walker vs. Scott Walker

Scout Walker vs. Scott Walker
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SloPig: My Evening of Trayf


In what was, with out a doubt, the most unkosher thing that I have ever done, I had the opportunity to spend this past Sunday evening at SloPig Milwaukee along with my lovely wife, Jessie, and our good friend Mandi

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