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Evan’s Lazy Chili Recipe

Lazy Chili Bowl

Find this recipe and more like it at Slowcook’d! I originally posted this over at Cream City Cuisine, but I love this recipe and now that it’s winter I wanted to share it here, too. Before I get started, let

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Me, but slightly healthier.

As of this morning, I’ve decided to be a bit more proactive about my health. My family has a history of both heart disease and diabetes and I want to be around for a very long time with my wonderful

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I Have a Confession: I’m Undecided

Indecision 2012

I am referring, of course, to the upcoming Presidential election. Before you gasp in shock that I might be considering Mitt Romney, I’m not. Any vote that I cast in November will definitely be for Barack Obama. The part I’m

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SloPig: My Evening of Trayf


In what was, with out a doubt, the most unkosher thing that I have ever done, I had the opportunity to spend this past Sunday evening at SloPig Milwaukee along with my lovely wife, Jessie, and our good friend Mandi

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Recipe: Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Beef (or Pork)

BBQ Pulled Beef

Find this recipe and more like it at Slowcook’d! There are very few things that I cook well, but BBQ pulled beef is probably among my best. As such, I’ve decided to share this deceptively simple recipe here for all

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Cinemagraph: Sleeping

Gabby Sleeping

I recently got an awesome free app for my phone that allows me to make cinemagraphs (, so here’s my very first one, created this morning while my daughter napped.

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So long GoDaddy, and good riddance.

For as long as I can remember, I have been registering my domain names with GoDaddy. My reasoning wasn’t that they were necessarily the best registrar, but more so that they were cheap. Whenever it’s time to refresh my domains,

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Whoever said newborns don’t smile is full of it.

She’s full of smiles and she isn’t even a month old! (No, it isn’t just gas.)

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Toddlers are… special.

Judah Falling

My son randomly started doing this a week or two ago and he thinks it’s hilarious.

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My Beautiful New Daughter

Meet Gabrielle Rose! Born 11/1/11 at 7:32am, 7 lbs 6 oz, 19.5″.

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