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Facebook for iPhone Needs to Catch Up

I don’t know exact numbers, but it is probably a safe assumption that the Facebook app for the iPhone is likely one of the all-time most used 3rd party apps. That being the case, why does Facebook continually expand and improve upon its web-based features, while all but completely ignoring its mobile iPhone platform? Sure, [...]

The Worst Facebook Page with 1,000,000+ Members

There is quite a large selection of Facebook pages with over one million members (Fans? Likers? I can’t keep track of the correct terminology). The following page is the absolute worst one out there. It’s so offensive, I almost don’t even want to link directly to it, this wouldn’t be the World Wide Web without [...]

My Week With Google Chrome

For the past week, I have changed by default browser on both my home and work computers (Apple iMacs running Mac OS X Snow Leopard) to Google Chrome. I have not previously used Chrome and have been a long-time loyal user of Firefox, but I’ve heard good things and figured I’d give it a shot. [...]