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Amazon Binder Review

Amazon Binder Review

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s infamous “binders full of women”, the Internet has gone crazy with memes, Halloween costumes, jokes, and just about any other conceivable way to make fun of it. Most get somewhere between a smile and

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Top 5 Reasons to Dump Facebook for Google+


I use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to varying degrees. I consider Twitter to be a very different type of social network than Facebook and so they don’t really compete with each other for my attention, but with every single update

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CNN’s Epic Fail

CNN's Epic Fail

Oops. Looks like someone over at CNN published the wrong pre-written article and is about to get fired. Out of a cannon. In to the sun.

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One Thing I Learned From Wisconsin’s Recall: I Barely See TV Commercials.

TV Static

Tens of millions of dollars on both sides spent primarily on television ads – and that’s not factoring in the SuperPACs. Constant complaints on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and in-person about how thoroughly disgusted people are with the quantity (and quality)

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Why you should support SOPA / PIPA

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SOPA / PIPA Infographic & The January 18th Blackout

SOPA / PIPA Infographic

For those of you unaware of the January 18th blackout, reddit is leading the charge against SOPA/PIPA by completely blacking out the site from 8AM through 8PM on January 18th, 2012. Although Chai Life has no where near the clout

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So long GoDaddy, and good riddance.

For as long as I can remember, I have been registering my domain names with GoDaddy. My reasoning wasn’t that they were necessarily the best registrar, but more so that they were cheap. Whenever it’s time to refresh my domains,

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The Look of Disapproval

Confused? Know your meme. Source: Unknown.

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My Great Twitter Purge

For a very long time, pretty much as long as I’ve used Twitter, I’ve gone by a policy of following back whoever follows me. This has gotten me a lot of followers, but I also ended up following about 1200

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Google+ Cheat Sheet

As with pretty much anything that’s new, there’s always a learning curve. Google+ is no different and there are some fun and interesting features along with new and different ways to do things. With that in mind, I’ve thrown together

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