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New Word: Cutesplosion

Cutesplosion – noun When something that you see in person, in a picture, or in a video is just so adorable that you might explode from the excessive cuteness; That picture of the kitten snuggling with the baby is so cute, it might cause a cutesplosion! We’ve been using this word in my household for… Read More »

Last Night’s Primary & Caucuses

For those of you that follow politics, you’re probably aware that last night there were caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado as well as a primary in Missouri. All of these are “non-binding”, meaning that people can vote however they please, but it doesn’t guarantee that’s how the state’s delegates actually vote when the Republican Convention… Read More »

Whenever I hear about the Koch brothers, this is who I picture in my head.

Being in Wisconsin, the Koch brothers pop up in the news every now and again because they purchased themselves a Governor here. Although I do in fact know what they look like, my brain still chooses to picture Randolph and Mortimer Duke, from the film Trading Places. I doubt it will ever happen, but I… Read More »