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Do you have your Halloween costume ready?

It’s that time of year again! Don’t have a costume yet? Here are some great suggestions from Chai Life’s archive: Turanga Leela Costume Douchebag Costume iPod Commercial Costume Philip J. Fry Costume Mario Costume Dr. Horrible Costume

DIY Turanga Leela Costume

So, you want to dress up as everyone’s favorite captain of the Planet Express ship this Halloween? Awesome choice. Most of the costume is pretty straight-forward, but you’re going to need to get a few things to really complete the costume the right way. This guide will hopefully help you be the best Leela you [...]

DIY Douchebag Costume

For 364 days out of the year, you’re a pretty decent human being. But for just one day, be it for a random costume party or for Halloween, you’ve decided to be a douchebag. The following guide will help you along your way to becoming the douchiest douchbag you can possibly be. Spray-On Tan Having [...]

2009 DIY Halloween Costume Roundup

As you may know if you are one of my regular readers, every once in a while I like to post a do-it-yourself (DIY) Halloween costume. Because Halloween is coming up fast, here’s the list of the costumes I’ve done so far, to make your search for the perfect costume a little bit easier: Douchebag [...]

DIY iPod Commercial Costume

This classic costume modeled after Apple’s iconic advertising for the iPod is rather straightforward and easy to do. The goal is to make yourself completely pitch black from head to toe, then hold a white iPod and wear the included white headphones. iPod Obviously, to make this costume work you’re going to need an iPod. [...]

DIY Philip J. Fry Costume

In honor of Futurama being officially renewed, I have decided to break down exactly what you need to get, from head to toe, so you can be unfrozen in the proper attire for a year 3000 Halloween party. Orange Hair Fry’s most noticeable feature, and probably the trickiest part of the costume, is his hair. [...]