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View Your iPhone’s Numeric Signal Strength

iPhone Field Test

Starting way back with iOS 4.1 and continuing through the latest version (6.0.1 at the time of this writing), Apple has enable a hidden “Field Test” mode which allows users to, among other things, see the exact signal strength of

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5 iPhone Apps Better Than The Defaults


Anyone who says that Apple doesn’t pay attention to detail when they’re releasing a built-in application for the iPhone or Mac OS X clearly doesn’t know the company that well (the maps debacle is an obvious exception, not the rule).

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Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Hits The App Store

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

It’s official! The latest version of Mac OS X, dubbed “Mountain Lion” (version 10.8), has hit the Mac App Store. I’ll be installing it on my MacBook tonight and will put up a review once I’ve had a chance to

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5 Apps That Should Be Built In To Mac OS X

Mac App Store

Every once in a while a developer releases an app for Mac OS X that becomes so integrated in to my daily use of the computer that I am disheartened when I use another Mac and that feature is missing.

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Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Is Great News For Apple Users

Microsoft Surface

As an avid user of Apple products, I can honestly say that I am excited for Microsoft’s newly announced Surface tablet. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be buying one. Aside from my Rokus, I run an Apple household. What

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The MacBook Pro’s Retina Display is a Big Deal

MacBook Pro Retina Display

Apple unveiled it’s newest line of MacBook Pros at the WWDC this week, with the biggest hardware-related news being the inclusion of a “Retina Display” on some models. The following picture shows exactly how big of a difference this really

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5 Features I’d Love In iOS 6

iOS 6

With iOS 6 presumably right around the corner, I’ve decided to throw together a wish list. Some of these features might already be on Apple’s to-do list, but it’s really hard to know for sure until it’s formally announced. As

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Must-Have Free iPhone Apps in 2012

iPhone 4S

It’s been a few years now since I last compiled a list of must-have iPhone apps and a lot has changed. The OS itself has hugely evolved and the app market has grown exponentially along with it. As such, my

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The Ten Commandments of Steve Jobs

I saw a great infographic up over at The Daily Beast/Newsweek that I just had to share. It details what it was that made Jobs as successful of a CEO as he was. There’s a lot that other companies can

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An Open Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook, Every time you release an update or tweak to your iPhone client, it becomes an even larger piece of shit while simultaneously not actually adding any worthwhile features from the standard site. From what I hear, you don’t

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