DIY Scruffy the Janitor Costume

By | October 3, 2012

Scruffy the JanitorI’ve already covered the Fry and Leela costumes, so now it’s time to tackle yet another awesome, yet less appreciated member of the Planet Express crew: Scruffy the Janitor.

Navy Work Jacket
If you want to look like Scruffy, you’re going to need a navy work jacket. This was the closest I could find and it will definitely do the trick. No one does work jackets better than Dickies, so this is a jacket that will serve you far beyond the costume itself. Leave it unzipped.

Matching Navy Pants
Right along side the jacket, you’ll need a matching pair of navy work pants. Get them an inch or two longer than you normally would, because you’ll need to roll up the cuff at the bottom to really get Scruffy’s look right.

Canvas Utility Belt
I know this goes against human nature, but don’t put this through the belt loops on your pants. Instead, wear it slightly loose so it hangs down a bit on one side, and maybe attach some tools or other custodial items to it.

Brown Cap
A plain brown baseball hat would probably be passable, but the cap linked above is about as close as I’ve ever seen. This is a must-have for any Scruffy costume.

White Crew Neck T-Shirt
This is probably the least important type of clothing that you’ll need for the costume. If you’ve got any white crew neck t-shirt at home, it’ll probably work just fine.

White “Walrus” Moustache
You’ve basically got two options for this one. If you’re able, grow out the biggest walrus-style mustache you can, then (if needed) spray it white or, if you’re really hard-core, bleach it. Your other option is to get the Colonel Sanders wig & beard set linked above, cut off the beard, and wear just the mustache. Either way, it should look perfect.

Push Broom
No Scruffy costume would be complete without a push broom. Sure, you could use it to clean, but why do that when it makes a perfectly good resting post?

Porn Magazines
Scruffy has been known to enjoy a porn mag when taking a break. You can go pick up some legitimate porn magazines at your local seedy gas station, or you can be creative and make your own year 3000 porn magazines. Scruffy has been known to enjoy titles such as National Pornographic, Play-Boy-Ar-De, Zero-G-Juggs, and Extra Long Honkers. Bend it in half, stick it in your back pocket, and you’re good to go.