Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Is Great News For Apple Users

Microsoft SurfaceAs an avid user of Apple products, I can honestly say that I am excited for Microsoft’s newly announced Surface tablet. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be buying one. Aside from my Rokus, I run an Apple household. What excites me about the Microsoft Surface is that it looks great, has huge potential, and it is the first tablet that appears to have the potential to take a sizable chunk of the iPad’s market share. Yes, there are a ton of Android tablets floating around out there, but Apple still controls at least 60% of the tablet market share and that number is constantly growing at the expense of Android. Microsoft, however, is actually putting forth a tablet that, in it’s top of the line model, can run the full desktop version of Windows 8 Pro. That, in my opinion, is a game changer. It elevates the tablet from a mobile web browser and gaming machine with limited use for real work productivity to something that can be as useful as a laptop or desktop computer.

So, how on Earth is this good for Apple users? Simple. The Microsoft Surface isn’t the long-fabled “iPad Killer”. It’s an iPad competitor and, frankly, the iPad needs a good competitor. If it’s as successful as Microsoft and many analysts are expecting it to be, then Apple will finally have to make the iPad (or iOS as a whole) in to something more than just a large iPhone without the phone. There have been some fantastic improvements and additions to the iOS over the years, but it largely looks just about the same as it did when it was released and it could use a UI overhaul. Nothing drives an advancement in technology better than competition, and that’s just what the iPad needs and the Surface can potentially provide.

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