David Koch’s AFP Plays Dirty in Wisconsin’s Recalls

In an un-surprisingly sleazy twist, a political advocacy group called Americans for Prosperity has been caught red-handed by Politico mailing absentee ballots to Democrats with instructions to return the ballot after the election. For those unclear on this concept, this tactic is what’s known as electoral fraud.

Americans for Prosperity is a well-known tool that David Koch uses as a form of legal political money-laundering to funnel unlimited funds in to whatever cause he thinks will best benefit his financial interests. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because AFP was just in the news a week or so ago for buying $150,000 worth of ad-time to trash-talk the Democratic recall challengers in Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay.

If you, like myself, are disgusted with these tactics you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Justice to demand they investigate this election fraud.

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