Boycott Koch Industries: Avoid These Brands

By | February 24, 2011

Updated 10/14/13

Koch Brothers BoycottIn an effort to do my small part to harm the extreme right-wing efforts of the Koch brothers, I will be henceforth doing my best to avoid purchasing any and all products from Koch Industries. If you are not familiar with them, they have been secretly funding various tea party efforts and have at least one Governor in their pocket.

For those of you willing to join me in this effort, these are the brands to avoid:

Boycott Koch Industries

Here’s the list, if you can’t read the above picture:

Lycra • Coolmax • Tactel • SolarMax • Polarguard • Dacron • Thermolite
Comforel • Antron Carpet Fiber • Stainmaster Carpet • Cordura

VanityFair • AngelSoft • Quilted Northern • Sparkle • Brawny
MardiGras • Dixie • DensArmorPlus • Platinum Plywood • ToughRock

International Brands:
Demak Up • KittenSoft • Lotus • Moltonel • Tenderly • Nouvelle Recycling
Okay • Colhogar • Delica • Inversoft • Tutto

To make it even easier to not buy from the Koch brothers, someone awesome decided to make an app. The Buycott App allows you to scan items while you’re shopping and will let you know if they’re made by a company you’ve pledged not to support, such as anything by Koch Industries. It’s available for iOS and Android, so go check it out!

Want to do more? Print out a few of these and spread the word:


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  • Michael Schilke

    I will no longer purchase these brands because of your political affiliations.

  • Chick Marshall

    You people need to get chai-self a life. Welcome to the revolution. We are taking our country back.

  • Nonsense

    The Koch’s aren’t exactly right wing. They are libertarian leaning. They spend a lot of money trying to make the country a better place. They fight for freedom and limited government. They are following a rich ideology of libertarian and austrian thought. This isn’t about rich people fighting for the interests of the rich or businesses. This is about rich people being patriots and fighting for the liberty and freedom of everyone. Instead of boycotting Koch Industries you should encourage people to buy from it!

  • Evan

    Nonsense, if this isn’t about rich people fighting for the interests of their own money, then why is the Wisconsin bill going to directly effect Koch Industries by allowing the Governor to sell or lease all state-owned power plants in a no-bid deal? I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised to find out that their lobbyists helped to write the bill.

  • scyllacat

    Nonsense, the Kochs have taken over a lot of things, including the term “libertarian.” They don’t have to be right-wing to be union busting, anti-health care, anti-popular vote. Their “libertarian”-ness means, no government reigning them in while they make sure our wages stay static, we have no bargaining power, our jobs are taken overseas, etc.

    If you think these rich people are fighting for the liberty and freedom for everyone, you’re right, the liberty and freedom to stay poor while they use their money to control OUR government.

    WAKE UP. PLEASE. You’re being sold down the river by the rich and powerful, and you’re THANKING them for it.

  • Nonsense

    Evan, Those are rumors. The bill does say:

    “may sell any state-owned heating, cooling, and power plant or may contract with a private entity for the operation of any such plant, with or without solicitation of bids, for any amount that the department determines to be in the best interest of the state.”

    We know that much. What we don’t know is if Koch Industries have anything to do with that. You are speculating about lobbyists. We don’t know. Politicians often write bills that grant themselves extra powers, and this seems inline with that.

    Koch Industries has come out and said they had nothing to do with it and that they will not gain from the legislation. Yeah, of course they would say that, but it is notable.

    You are calling for people to boycott a company because maybe they might have possibly had influence on a bill that could aid them, maybe. Pick nearly any big business and they influence legislation to benefit themselves. Should we boycott them all? In this particular case we don’t even know if there is any truth. It seems a little rash to call for a boycott of a company on nothing but speculation that they may have done what nearly all other big businesses are already doing.

  • Anonymous

    Are you serious? I’m assuming you’re talking about the tea party and all that bull. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a real “revolution” isn’t funded by corporate titans who would turn around and scam you out of your last nickel without a second thought.

  • nonsense

    syllacat, libertarians tend to be against government sector unions. Private sector unions involve workers negotiating with business owners . The owners care about profitability, as they must in order for the company (and the jobs) to stay around. In public sector jobs there is no business owner. The workers negotiate with the congressmen and senators that have little concern for money. On top of that the unions pay a fortune in political contributions, so they are negotiating with the very people they helped elect. Public sector unions don’t make sense.

    Anti health-care? Are you serious? Libertarians care about people and want everyone to have access to healthcare, but they believe the free market provides better than the government. History and economics is on their side. In areas with a lot of competition, quality goes up and prices go down over time. Where governments interfere the opposite occurs. The market can provide a solution here to get more people healthcare of higher quality at lower prices, and that is what these people want.

    Anti-popular vote? I don’t know what that means. My guess is you mean if public opinion is high on it, then the politicians should be influenced? If that is the case I think most sane people would be against it. Our founders designed our country so that wouldn’t happen. The majority is not supposed to rule at the expense of the minority. Some of us prefer liberty to popular opinion.

    You are on the wrong side here. I used to be closer to that side, but then I started learning economics. These people aren’t evil. They’ve got a rich philosophy behind what they do, and they are trying to help everyone. Many of them look at what the left does as evil, not by intent but by ignorance of economics. Before assuming they are evil you should try to learn about some of the ideas. A good place to start would be Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson.” These people want prosperity for everyone. Before believing the dogma that the media keeps repeating you should at least find out what the other side is saying.

  • guest


  • David in NY

    You say you learned “economics,” though you sound like you didn’t. Anyway, you didn’t learn political economics. Give the rich all the power and they’ll take all your money. Only institutions like unions stand between us and that. If the rich are so busy helping everyone, why is it that their share of wealth and income has been vastly increasing, and the rest of us are getting worse, or if lucky, staying the same. Why are corporate profits and cash reserves high, and wages and benefits low? Why, when public wages and benefits haven’t really been rising, are they, and not tax cuts for the rich, blamed for deficits. And who’s paying you? Probably the Koch bros.

  • MeanMr.Mustard

    Nonsense, Nonsense. The Kochs are on the verge of destroying the political foundations of this country. Their support of the tea party movement has undermined all political and policy oriented progress in this country. Freedom to them means the freedom of the very rich to exploit and live off the middle class.

  • anonymouse

    The Koch brothers are directly lobbying for the bill. There are commercials airing on television in WI paid for by ‘Americans for Prosperity,’ an organization they set up and fund, essentially campaigning for the bill and support of Walker.

  • Tamazon59

    I have a bridge to sell you and all the NONSENSE YOU WRITE ABOUT!

  • Anonymous

    Proof that the Teabag Party is nothing more than pack of antiamerican corporate shills.

  • Arminius43

    Don’t forget Holiday gas stations

  • Patpoint

    I am a retired teacher. If it weren’t for our teachers’ union, I would now be living below the poverty line. And, as it is, I’m having a difficult time making ends meet. I’d never be where I am now if it weren’t for the help of the union, and at that, I’m not doing so great… just keeping my head above water.

  • Gswithy

    Thanks for the list. I’ll be sure To buy those products and support companies that hire thousands of people to help suport all those employees that are on the public payroll

  • Jim

    When the tea party accepts that our country is controlled by the super rich, and that most of the tea party’s campaign contributions come from the super rich (with new help via Citizens United), then it’s going to be very hard for me (as a person with much respect for libertarian principles) to buy into this. And, have any prominent libertarians other than Ron Paul come out publicly against war and the military industrial complex? When is this $1.2 trillion a year killing brown people habit going to be a focus for the tea party? If the answer is never, good luck with any logical arguments on fiscal matters.

  • Jim

    I should have said:

    (first sentence) “UNTIL the tea part accepts…, IT’S going to be very hard…” and (last sentence) “If the answer is NOT NOW,…”

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if this was in a flyer format to print out and hand out.

  • Amorcita_loca

    Nonsense , is that the name you choose as profile . I guess i could say you must be a parody of what you believe.You are full of nonsense even if you are well educated in the political arena. Koch might claim they are libertarians but the parents were Nazis

  • DesertWillow

    You must be one of the super rich. So you believe that insurance companies are also out to help everyone? They refuse to cover people with pre-existing conditions, one of them being a victim of domestic abuse, another being pregnancy. They kick people off their coverage as soon as they have an illness. Do you call this helping people? This is nothing more than corporate rape. And you, you’re an ass.

  • Evan Primakow

    Good idea! Ill throw one together when I’ve got the opportunity.

  • Lifesgood

    I’d like to see a “Printer Friendly” version of this list, logos and all. A little something for the fridge.

  • Evan Primakow

    I’ll have one up ASAP.

  • BA of MN

    Free market?
    Like the Japanese Government depending on Tepco Electrical reporting its problems. Maybe it is the Bush/Cheney Administrations strangling the SEC. “The Markets will watch themselves.” You want Libertarian? Visit Haiti, where the government is nonfunctioning and wealthy do as they please.

  • Koch Bros. Are Greedy

    I have printed this out & will carry it in my (ample) wallet! No money for YOU, Koch Industries!

  • unfairly balanced

    If the Kochs are so Patriotic why do they funnel all their money thru Belgium as an off shore tax haven. These guys sound like so many rich business owners I know. Bitch and complain about high taxes and then use the system to skate on paying. They apparently have sucked enough money out of the system to BUY the entire USA political process. Patriots my ass, they are the exact opposite!

  • Cdalepdx

    I will print this, check your facts, and then definately choose not to buy products sold by the Koch family. They “choose” to defend free-market capitalism at the expense of everyone not in the top 5% of earning power, I.e. THE REST OF US!!
    Together they hold 43 BILLON in assets –and they still think that government is “anti-business, and anti-free-enterprise”. What do you think?

  • Evan Primakow

    Just updated the post with a new printable flyer. Hope everyone likes it!

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  • Pissoff

    Koch also owns many other companies who’s products we may not consume directly. These Koch products may sold to and consumed by other companies who repackage or use to create new products of their own. If you really want to apply the thumb screws, you’ll boycott Koch’s biggest customers as well.

    Matador Cattle Company: Does anyone know which fast food restaurants buy from there?

  • PowerFlite

    Koch Industries is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. That does not “make the country a better place.” I have no problem with companies who want to contain regulation to keep costs realistic, but they want to gut regulation to allow them to pollute more and eliminate workers’ bargaining rights. The fact that they later take their pollution-powered profits and fund cancer research doesn’t buy me off at all.

  • Joe Mendez

    sorry, but history and economics isn’t on their side. where large corporations control access to information, and to commodities, more and more ppl are squeezed out. the reason for the depression was just this sort of corporate overreach. if anything, history bears out that government regulation, with teeth, is necessary to keep corporations from becoming parasites-bleeding every last cent from employees, tax shelters, and anywhere they can cut a dime.

    and before believing the dogma the conservative media keeps repeating, you should at least find out what actual history says about economic downturns and their causes. sorry to tell you, but the corporate greed of laissez faire capitalism was the cause for the depression, and is today, the cause of this ‘recession’. the numbers bear that assertion out, history bears that assertion out, and common sense as well.

    you’re right about this: these people aren’t evil. they’re much, much worse. and you sir, are a prime example as to why-take an intellectually impoverished person, promise them anything, give them nothing but an imaginary enemy, and you have an acolyte for life.

    and by the way, how much liberty do you actually have? don’t be a fool. or at the very least, if you must be a fool, do so quietly.

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  • Steve coombes

    Someone needs to make an app so that when you go shopping all you have to do is scan the bar code to find out if it’s on the ‘boycott koch’ list!

  • Steve coombes

    Someone needs to make an app so that when you go shopping all you have to do is scan the bar code to find out if it’s on the ‘boycott koch’ list!

  • Evan Primakow

    That would be an awesome idea. It’s a shame I don’t have the skillset to implement it!

  • ptk

    I’m all about boycotting Koch industries, but I think it would be helpful, if you made suggestions to replace items boycotted.

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  • CivilWarRedux

    Ah yes. Ignorance flows between all. Love it. The day when each fool who disagrees with one another wipes each other off the planet is nearing. I’ll sit back and watch. A new way to keep the population under control.

  • Tom Pell

    time you go shopping fill an extra cart with Koch products to leave in
    an out of the way place so the stores have to pay to restock these
    items. Also make it difficult to pick any remaining Koch products.

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  • Mark E Block

    Remember Dr. No? He’s TWINS!!! Yo HELL with Koch Industries products!

  • Zhoolik

    Koch Brothers don’t give a sh*t about me or anyone I know.  I don’t want to live in corporate feudalism.  It’s not what America is about.  I support my interest and your wordy replies will never convince me their interests coinciding with mine.

  • RWallace

    Nonsense, please get your facts straight!  First of all, the U.S. is not a capitalist country but an oligopoly with a few large companies illegally controlling the economy by owning legislatures, illegal anti-trust activites against small companies and even manipulating Google search engines in their own favor.

    Secondly, Big Business spreads the very severe myth that so called “free markets” reduce costs.  The reverse is nearly always true.  Canada, with a single payer health care system, spends 11 cents of each health care dollar on administration, i.e. paying the bills, while we spend 31 cents-i.e. expense of doctors and hospitals trying to get the insurance companies to pay, insurance company profits, billion dollar stock options for health care executives, ect.

    And whenever public utilities are sold by government to private industries, whether the utility is garbage, a power company or water company-the rates consumer pay invariably rise-usually nearly doubling.  You see, private utility company executives make 100 times more than their government counterparts and the shareholders need their huge profits and consumers pay for it in huge rate increases.

    Forget about “free market”.  It is a myth like Cinderella. 


    Your boycott has been posted on the
    You can find it here:

    The boycottwall

  • sharon

    At least there are alternatives, so no excusees, hey folks we have lost fair media now we are losing our way of life to the NAZI koch brothers and murdoch= nothing that is bringing the working class down is hurting them and THEY DO NOT CARE  as they got the POWER/MONEY.

  • Anonymous

    It’s really obvious from your response that you don’t have any background in American history or apparently any ability to actually read statistics and RELIABLE news articles. It doesn’t matter if you add a few paragraphs, those of us who read regularly can clearly tell you’re proudly brainwashed or trolling or just plain stupid.

  • Luis

    BS If it wasn’t for my union I would be making $5 an hour right now. THANK YOU TEAMSTERS!! At least I can give my family a decent lifestyle. Not 10 Ferrari’s like the rich, but at least a reliable Honda.

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  • Mzzzwright

    If you don’t want to continue hearing and living the same old regurgitated GOP and DEM B.S.  Vote for Ron Paul…. that’s all I have to say.  By the way, I am a registered Independent, AND a union member of S.E.I.U.   The only reason I am a member of that union is because I’m forced to be….. They are crooks, and are in bed with politicians.  Wake up people…. quit depending on your t.v. and newspapers… The mainstream media never volunteers ALL of the facts.  Do research on your own and educate yourselves…. You’ll be very surprised at what you find.

  • ChristinaMorgan

    Thank you for the great list! I love Brawny paper towels, but I’ll never buy them as long as these Koch brothers benefit from it. I’ll be boycotting all of their products.

  • Anonymous

    “… then I started learning economics.”

    Correction: You started learning Austrian school economics. You cannot conflate one part of the discipline with the whole.

  • G Man

    It is a shame how so many people vote and buy against their best interests.  We as American’s have to stand up to the likes of the Koch Brothers and their front organizations. Who do these people think they are?  I watch those tea party rallies, and I think if they only knew!  If those who supported the tea party knew who their real enemy is they would not fall lock step with them.  I think one way to support the occupy Wall st rally would be a total boycott of all the products listed above!

  • Dave Rosene

    “Speculation and rumors?”  There is a lot of hard evidence, and if you don’t know that, you’re not paying attention.  You’ve got to stop watching Fox News.  There are sources who won’t steer you wrong to be found on the radio, Sirius/XM satellite, or MSNBC, among others.

  • Dave Rosene

    Please tell me more about the Kochs’ connection to Holiday gas stations.

  • Dave Rosene

    Their father was a founding member of the John Birch Society, an ultra-right wing group.  He was instrumental in convincing Barry Goldwater, an ultra-right wing candidate, to run for President.  Right wingers throw around the word “patriot,” but I think their definition of the term does not match the standard definition.  As PowerFlite points out, these people certainly are not making our country any stronger nor any better a place to live.  And what’s with you conservatives talking about “limited government,” again without defining your use of the term, as though it were something to be desired?  All I see is that it would result in rule of the strongest.  “Freedom?”  Do you mean the freedom to die of preventable diseases, to run up massive tuition for jobs that aren’t there, to lose your house to unscrupulous lenders, to drive on pothole-filled roads, to eat tainted food and breathe dirty air?  That’s not what most of us consider freedom.  I hope you are getting from these replies that you need to re-think your positions.

  • Dave Rosene

    Have you ever participated in the workings of your union?  You, too, might be very surprised at you find.  The unions of which I have been a member were nothing like what you described.

  • Dave Rosene

    Or Somalia.  That’s a libertarian paradise.

  • alanib

    “nonsense” the libertarians aren’t anywhere near 100% on the right path althugh they do have some good ideas as does Mises economic theory as does other economic theory. The practical reality is that transnational corporate elites have taken over our government via their wholely owned political law makers and the Supreme Court.  Their only concern is short term profits which ignores the legitimate concerns of humanity around the world. This has resulted in a dismantling of our industrial base and the end of our middle class. The irony is they will suffer at the end of the day as their markets shrivel up and die for lack of ability to purchase. 

    Their power over our politics has made them feel confident to try to dominate the world with a predatory fascist corporatist form of capitalism that takes what it wants because it now owns all of the power  which includes a tacit control of the military power of the United States. A transnational corporation can march into Bolivia and charge the indigent populatiuon to use its own rainwater. If they object they are branded outlaw and punished or vanished. This is only possible because they hold the clandestined power to make and enforce the laws via their ownership of governments by proxy.

    So is this the paradigm you wish to continue because it seems logical to me that only if all of us around the world get together and say no, we want a change, will we effect one that works humanely. My understanding of Libertarianism is that it is all about the individual enforcing his rights but who is going to support the moral rights of the  individual if not the moral collective?  alanib

  • Dave Rosene

    Wow, your screen name is terrifically well-chosen!  If you are not paid by the Kochs or some other right-wing group, you certainly seem to be.  You spout all the proper right-wing lines that, obviously, all the rest of us know not to be true.  I’d like to share with you that my first father-in-law was a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, of the older-style Republicans.  He was a labor attorney for the largest firm west of the Mississippi and specialized in representing companies against unions.  He was very much in favor of unions and would have disagreed vehemently with your claim that they do more damage than good.  He found that it was much easier to negotiate contracts, much easier to enforce them, and saved the company money when unions were involved.  Really, I wonder where you get your ideas.

  • Dave Rosene

    You’re wasting my afternoon, Nonsense, but I suppose it must be done.  Your writing cannot go unchallenged.  First, if your side is for “prosperity for everyone,” why is it that the implementation of your policies leads to the opposite?  The policies followed under the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations led to an hourglass effect in the American economy, only the top of the hourglass was very small.

    Second, “anti-popular vote” refers to the efforts by Koch-supported politicians to make it more difficult for normal citizens to vote.  Strategies for this include the voter-I.D.’s for all citizens (but, oddly, not registering gun owners), making college students show extra I.D., not sending out early voting ballots as in Colorado recently, restricting the amount of time and the places citizens can vote early, and grossly restricting the time and rules for voter registration drives.  Shall I go on?

    I do like what you said (surprise!) about the majority not being allowed to rule at the expense of the minority.  I assume that means you are against states holding anti-gay marriage amendment votes.  On the other hand, when the minority is the ultra-wealthy, and they have used their grossly disproportionate power to stack the deck in their favor, then it is time for the majority to put a stop to it.

    Third, you believe that the free market provides better health care than the government can.  Many of us do not agree with you, and we would appreciate you not trying to force us to live by your beliefs.  That’s not very libertarian, is it?  Your key words were “a lot of competition.”  That’s the problem.  The healthcare and insurance industries have not faced any real competition in decades.  Perhaps if the government were to become involved as one choice in the competition, then we would see whether your ideas would work out.

    Lastly, unions are not simply about wages and benefits.  They are also about the fair treatment of their members.  I used to be a teacher, and I used to be on my city council, and I have seen from both sides how essential it is to have fairness in work conditions.  I have also seen, believe it or not, how both politicians and unions are deeply concerned about keeping spending under control while offering a fair wage.  Honestly, do you live in Alabama or Mississippi?  We, in the upper Midwest, are very happy with our unions!

  • Dave Rosene

    I just wish YOU had a clue what you’re talking about!  And don’t preach what you think libertarian philosophy is to us.  Haven’t you noticed that you are in a very tiny minority?  Why is it that no one else thinks the way you do?

    You say that deficits are not about the rich not paying their fair share, but can you not see that the deficits took off with the Bush tax cuts?  Where do you think the deficits would be if we returned the tax rates to those of the Eisenhower years?  How about the Reagan years?

    You are right in that deficits involve government spending more than it takes in.  So where was your voice protesting the funding of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by emergency resolutions instead of putting them into the budget?  How did you protest them being funded by bond sales, essentially putting them onto a credit card?

    You say that the reason for large corporations getting larger is too many regulations.  Seriously?!  Back that up.  Tell us which regulations have made corporations larger and just how that played out.  Larger corporations lobby for regulations such as this?  Are you kidding or insane?  Who are the lobbyists, whom have they lobbied, and what bills have resulted?

    What about Wall Streeters like Mitt Romney who made millions by buying up American businesses, firing all the workers, and selling off their equipment and other assets piecemeal?  What about the corporations who closed up shop in the U.S. to move overseas?  These don’t fit your theory, do they?  What about the moves by the Democrats in Congress to tax overseas holdings, the results of business in the U.S., that the Republicans blocked?  What about Democratic moves to make loan money more available at lower rates to small businesses that Republicans blocked?  What about Democratic efforts to reward businesses for bringing their work back to the U.S. that Republicans blocked?

    One good has come out of your writings:  You have helped me to firm up my thoughts and arguments toward the ridiculous right.

  • alanib

    A growing worldwide grass roots movement to stop government domination by the corporate fascists will eventually have to use selective boycotts and buyer strikes of all businesses found to take part in corrupting political processes to enable their immoral exploitation of the worlds’ people. 

    This will quickly bring them into line with what the public expects- for them to make a profit while serving and respecting the rights and welfare of the public. They will be glad to change course and cooperate with serving the interests of the consumng public.  First they will need to be broken up into smaller companies to increase competition and remove too big to fail as a political concern. We will have them at a point where they will support us in the rooting out of the bad actors among them and the clear exposition for all to see and undersatnd of how these bad actors have manipulated our political process for so many years. They will help us remove the bad acting corporate insiders and corrupt politicians who have enabled them; they will participate in a comprehensive overhaul of the political system so that no special interest can over influence  it in the future- real campaign finance reform and perhaps a more democratic election process all together.  I propose that this is where we should be heading with our growing  “occupation movements”   alanib

  • Guest

    I never needed a union to make my $85 per hour (Thank you Merrill Lynch)

  • Brando Furtado

    No thank the tax payer who prevented Merrill Lynch from going down.

    Your welcome

  • Billsweb

    You people are such suckers.  This site was started by a competitor of GP!

  • Billsweb

    what bullshit

  • Marion Abrams

    Thanks for the posting. I now know the brands and products to avoid.

  • Guest

    I fully agree here.  It matters none to me whether this site was started by a competitor.   These brothers are destroying this country. 

  • Montejo

    Nice that you practice censorship on your Facebook page. Uncle Joe Stalin is smiling in his cremated remains.:)

  • guest

    sweet…. now I know which products to buy….. and buy exclusively…..

  • Anonymous

    Not in the list above is Conoco/Phillips and Chevron. While not owned by Koch, Chevron gets most of if not all of it’s oil refined by Koch Industries.  So when you gas up at a Chevron station, you are still supporting the Koch’s.

  • Evan Primakow

    Haven’t heard that one before. *rollseyes*

  • Evan Primakow

    Huh? What censorship?

  • Stevensanzone

    Yes yes yes, not a dime to them!!

  • AgressiveProgressive

    You are missing the Conoco/Phillips66 logo.  I’m sure there are other products we don’t know about yet. Chevron uses Koch Brothers refineries to process their oil into gas for your vehicles. So you can also boycott Chevron. 

  • Dondes

    Thanks now I know what to buy.

  • Dr. Common Sense

    These men saved and invested 90% of their salaries to build the one of the worlds largest businesses. Tthey provide people with jobs, you with products you demand, and get ridiculed for doing so.  They oppose climite legislation because it is pseudo science (they are PHD chemists) and has never been published in a legitimate peer reviewed journal.  So rather than ridicule them, thank them for staying up late studying chemistry while you were out partying, smoking weed or wasting your life watching racheal maddow complain about how they dont pay their fair share when the 1 % already pay 40% of the taxes while controlling only 20% of earnings.  Additionally the lower 48% pay no federal taxes.  If you dont have skin in the game please dont vote. 
     Or better yet lets go your way, make them work for your benifit….I think we tried using people in that reguard in the 1700′s, they were called slaves. 


  • Turntable15

    I’ve been sure to construct my aluminum foil hat using non-Koch products.

    Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • theaggressiveprogressiveQUEER

    Johnsonville is missing from this list/these images. 

  • Patmcq

     Is that a union made Honda – hypocrite

  • glenn

    your right wing views not looking at the trouble our country is think that rich are the only ones in need of atax are against unions who have done more for workers rights than any right wt wing factor

  • AC

    Thank you for this.  It is posted again into the ethernet – 

  • Steve

    I am proud that we use none of these products!!!

  • Conservative in TX

    Guess you boycotting more, um, “right wing” corporations is only fair, since I boycott J C Penneys & Home Depot for being liberal & undermining traditional marriage….

  • Conservative in TX

    Thank you for the list so I can ensure I DO buy these products! As I said earlier (which may have been deleted/censored??), I suppose it’s oly fair you opt to boycott this corporation, just as I boycott J C Penneys and Home Depot for being liberal and undermining traditional marriage!!!

  • Mark David

    Here’s my list:

    Regarding the Brothers Koch, every penny you spend on their products helps them to buy more Republicans into office and to corrupt the system.

    Before they find a way to deny even YOU the right to vote, do your part. Don’t buy Koch products, including:

    Koch Industry Gasoline:

    Union 76

    Koch Industry/GeorgiaPacific Products:

    Angel Soft toilet paper
    Brawny paper towels
    Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups
    Mardi Gras napkins and towels
    Quilted Northern toilet paper
    Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper
    Sparkle paper towels
    Vanity fair napkins
    Zee napkins
    So-Dri paper towels
    Georgia Pacific office supplies

    Koch Industry/I­nvista Products:

    COMFOREL® fiberfill
    COOLMAX® fabric
    CORDURA® fabric
    DACRON® fiber
    POLYSHIELD­® resin
    SOLARMAX® fabric
    SOMERELLE® bedding products
    STAINMASTE­R® carpet
    SUPPLEX® fabric
    TACTEL® fiber
    TACTESSE® carpet fiber
    TERATE® polyols
    TERATHANE® polyether glycol
    THERMOLITE­® fabric
    PHENREZ® resin
    POLARGUARD­® fiber and
    LYCRA® fiber


    Georgia Pacific Building products

    Dense Armor Drywall and Decking
    ToughArmor Gypsum board
    Georgia pacific Plytanium Plywood
    Densglass sheathing
    G/P Industrial plasters (some products used by a lot of crafters)-
    Agricultur­al Plaster
    Arts & Crafts Plaster
    Dental Plaster
    General Purpose Plaster
    Glass-rein­forced Gypsum (GRG)
    Industrial Tooling Plaster
    Investment Casting Plaster
    Medical Plaster
    Metal Casting Plaster
    Pottery Plaster

    FibreStrong Rim board
    G/P Lam board
    Blue Ribbon OSB Rated Sheathing
    Blue Ribbon Sub-floor
    DryGuard Enhanced OSB
    Nautilus Wall Sheathing
    Thermostat OSB Radiant Barrier Sheathing
    Broadspan Engineered Wood Products
    XJ 85 I-Joists
    FireDefender Banded Cores
    FireDefender FS
    FireDefender Mineral Core
    Hardboard and Thin MDF including Auto Hardboard,
    Perforated Hardboard and Thin MDF
    Wood Fiberboard -
    Commercial Roof Fiberboard
    Hushboard Sound Deadening Board
    Regular Fiberboard Sheathing
    Structural Fiberboard Sheathing

  • fbrillo

    You say alot of logical things..that tend to make sense..sort of…except that the free market under Republicans or Libertarians doesnt stay free…it gets corrupted with money..and before you konw it, prices are fixed…and are not competitive anymore. Quality declines while the corporate raiders take the profits and run.

  • LifeinIDaho

    Our country was created by people with differing ideas about religion and politics. Always two heated topics to talk about, but it’s what makes our country who we are. If people want to support politicians with ideals they like, then they should be able to without being punished.

    If these products are made in America that is what is important. By purchasing them, you are helping fellow Americans who work for these companies. By not purchasing them you are defeating you own reason for why you don’t like the Koch brothers.

    Perhaps the target needs to not be–who supports which presidential candidate or political side of the fence–but who does not support America’s economic health! That is the root of the problem…we would have money to support everyone’s ideals for a perfect country if we actually made enough economic growth to pay for it. We shouldn’t have to take away from anyone to help the economy because that is totally opposing the standards that the founding fathers set up when making our country.

  • ObamaBlows

    How’s that Hope and Change working out for you Obama worshipers?

    Thanks Evan I’ll be sure to buy as much as I can of these products!

  • ObamaBlows

    Good I need to the products to BUY!!

  • Won’t buy anymore

    I have a Lot of these PRODUCTS in my home trust me I won’t have anymore. I don’t care who the company big wigs want to vote for but when they tell the persons that work for them who they have to VOTE for THAT’S GOING TO FAR.This is the USA you vote for who you want but it seems this company wants to take that away from it’s workers. That is not the USA I know or want to live in.

  • Jim Fay

    I’m sharing this site just to remind people that they DO have a choice in how to respond to threats an extortion when being told how to VOTE.

  • Evan Primakow


  • budoinbatu

    These guys have done nothing wrong. You people are retarded.

  • Donny66

    Yes they have done wrong – but everyone does not see things the same way. If you like the company and their politics, buy their products. If not, don’t buy. Ain’t America great!

  • webmaster

    How interesting. I don’t use any of those products, anyway.

  • Pingback: Back-to-School shopping: minus the Koch Brothers | The Not-So-Standard Issue

  • anthrogirl

    Thanks for the info. It’s easy to skill this items because they are so many options…. except Lycra. Now that’ll be a sacrifice! lol

  • tuvozmellama .

    Thank you for the list! No more of this crap in my house.

  • brianadams

    Your last name wouldn’t be Kock would it.

  • Amanda Marie

    No more products that further fund the Koch’s suppression of democracy. I’d rather wipe my butt with newspaper (not owned by a Murdoch), and support brands that are aligned to democratic values…or at least not funding anti-democratic values!

  • SylvanWS

    Thanks for posting this list, I will buy as many of these brands as I can, sick of the hypocrisy of people accusing the Koch brothers of supporting the “other side”, what about Yahoo!, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, 99% of Silicon Valley, MSN, General Electric and BP giving millions to the Democratic Party and doing fundraisers for them? so it’s okay when these billionaires do it but not okay when the Koch bros. give money to republitards? HIPOCRITES.

  • Zoe Emiko

    It’s difficult to agree with you. Many years ago I worked in the grocery industry and was a member of the retail clerks union. I earned a livable wage and had decent benefits. I then had to move to Texas to help with family. The same store chain, same position, still full time. My wages dropped 35%, health insurance premium tripled and wasn’t half as good as I’d had before and my schedule was all over the board changing dramatically week to week. The retirement plan was an absolute joke. Mind you this was one of the bigger nationwide chains also.
    I went from earning a decent living to not being able to afford to live decently let alone keep up my car payments.
    So tell me again how horrible for the working class the unions were? Unions set a standard for worker protections, decent wages, decent treatment and were the reason we had such a large middle class. Since the attack on the Unions by the right began in earnest and Unions began to be replaced by right to work states the standard of living in America has dropped dramatically.
    I would disagree that the Koch Bros haven’t taken over the term Libertarian though. They do associate themselves with Libertarians. However their actions speak far ore closely with the John Birch Society. The same society their father was one of three primary founders. The same society which until rather recently the Koch Bros also closely associated themselves with. It wasn’t until the invent of the Koch Bros founded Tea Party ( which is more extreme version yet of the JBS) .
    You really should research the JBS some. Then you’ll have a fairly clear and precise perspective of what’s going on in America today, why and what’s behind it. And you’ll understand why our grandparents and parents maintained such a staunch stance against the JBS becoming an organization with any influence.

  • Rob Anderson

    Scylia if you look at the definition of libertarian and Anarchist you will see little difference. Koch’s should be referred to as Anarchist Oligarchs.

  • oconee_hammond

    The article does not mention the Nestle Brand. Why?