The City Market in Wauwatosa

City Market on UrbanspoonI’ve been enjoying the food at The City Market in Wauwatosa for quite some time now and, to be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t post up a review sooner. Regardless of the time it took me to post this, I’ve decided to finally post a review.

I ate lunch there today for the countless time and, as always, I enjoyed it. There is a wide range of food to choose from at very reasonable prices. If you find yourself at City Market early in the day, their egg scramble is always a good choice and you can put a wide assortment of different food in to it (but be aware, more than two items costs more). Otherwise they have a wide range of sandwiches, soups, and other entrĂ©es to choose from. If you’re a true Wisconsinite, like myself, then their Mac & Cheese is highly recommended will full but wanting more. Even if you aren’t looking to gorge yourself with an entire meal, they make a wide assortment of fancy coffee drinks, or just regular coffee if that’s your style, and have a great bakery to match. For about a third of the year, they even offer outdoor seating right on their patio overlooking North Avenue.

Just about the only complaint that I ever have when eating at City Market is the seating. If you’re there at a peak time it can be a daunting task to find an available table and if you’re there with a large group, they only have one table capable of seating more than about five. During these busy times, you will without fail also find a single hipster sitting alone with his or her laptop at a table for four while your party of four can only find an open table for two.

Regardless of the seating issues that they sometimes have, it is still worth a trip and is always a great destination to meet friends or family for a nice breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

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