Ginza Sushi Bar in Wauwatosa

By | May 29, 2010

As the latest addition to the still rather vacant One Mayfair Place on the corner of Mayfair and Center in Wauwatosa, the Ginza Sushi Bar is in a great area and has no immediate competitors when it comes to Sushi. When it opened about a week ago, my wife and I decided to oorder a few rolls for takeout. Although I don’t recall exactly which items off the menu we had ordered, all of the rolls were fresh and delicious. Even having only been open for a day, they seem to have already mastered takeout and had our food ready fast and already packed neatly in to a brown bag when I walked in the door. Although the size of the rolls aren’t as large as what I am spoiled with at Wasabi, they are still quite good and cause a little less damage to the wallet.

Earlier today we decided to make our second trip there, but this time for a nice sit-down lunch. Both of us ordered the $13 lunch bento. The price seemed a bit steep, but they really do a fantastic job of filling you up. We were promptly brought out a fresh salad and within a minute or two of clearing our salad plates we were brought the rest of the meal. Honestly, it was more than I expected. Both of us got the teryaki chicken bento, which had a large amount of the chicken, topped with thinly shredded and fried sweet potato, a California roll (which my wife substituted for a sweet potato roll – a very good choice), a steamed veggie whose name I cannot recall, the option of either a spring roll or some little fried stuffed rice ball, and a bowl of white rice. By the time I’d cleared my plate I was thoroughly stuffed and extremely satisfied.

Although I can’t (yet?) speak for the menu in it’s entirety, I am willing to pronounce Ginza a worthwhile destination if you are in the Mayfair area and looking for a good meal. It certainly isn’t the best sushi in the metro-Milwaukee area, but the food is good, the service is fast and friendly, and it is in a very convenient location across from Mayfair Mall. I will definitely be eating there again.

Here’s the address and website:

Ginza Sushi Bar
2727A N Mayfair Road
Wauwatosa, WI 53222
Phone: 414-771-3333
Monday – Friday : 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday : 11:30 am – 3:00 pm
Monday – Thursday : 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday – Saturday : 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sunday : 12:00 noon – 10:00 pm

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  • Aurora Designs

    Hmm shushi, nice review i feel like having some shushi now. Sounds like a decnet Shishi Bar won’t mind checking it out, thanks

  • misinformedia

    best way to eat sushi, mix the wasabi into the soy, dunk and eat :}

  • green marketing

    How do you make sushi without the seaweed?
    I love sushi, and I have all the ingredients for it, except the seaweed that is used to wrap it all up together. Are there any ways I could still make some sushi??

  • Evan

    I’ve never made sushi, so I couldn’t tell you how to make it without the seaweed wrap, but you can probably get that at most major grocery stores or if there’s a local Asian grocery in your area I’m certain that’s something they’d have.

  • Signs Melbourne

    We have a Ginza in Melbourne. They make their hand rolls in cone shape and have the most delicious wasabi mayonaise known to man.
    Long live the Ginza!

  • Evan

    Hah, I think that might not be the same owner. ;)

  • Markus

    Remember that Sushu chefs hate it when you bathe the sushi in soy. It’s an insult to the chef, and he holds all the knives ;)

  • Nikon Coolscan V Ed Film Scanner

    sounds like a cool place. if im ever in the area, will check it ouot

  • Vinyl Graphics

    That is a ton of food for a lunch meal! I thought for sure you were done listing off what was included after the California Roll! Thanks for the review!

  • Employment Litigation

    Thanks for the review – soy is a no no for sushi, as I found out! Great review.