Top Ten iPhone Apps For Webmasters

iphone_3gIf you run one or more websites and have an iPhone, not unlike myself, then you are probably looking for some apps to help you out a bit. The following list of iPhone Apps is useful for pretty much any webmaster, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

  1. Domain Scout – Cost: FREE
    If you’re going to be a webmaster, you’re going to need a domain name. This application is as straightforward as it sounds. Type in what you’d like to have as your domain name, choose a TLD (.com, .org, .net, etc. You can set which ones it will display), and it’ll tell you if the domain is available. If it isn’t available, you can choose to revise the search, view the whois entry, or visit the URL. If it is available, go quick register it before someone else does! It keeps a nice tidy history as well as a favorites list for those who do a lot of domain hunting.
  2. CSS Cheat Sheet & HTML Cheat Sheet – Cost: $0.99
    Who has the time and patience to memorize every single CSS attribute and HTML tag? Not me, that’s for sure. When I’m at home working on my iMac, I have a handful of reference guides bookmarked. These two offer that same helpful reference, but now it fits easily in the palm of my hand.
  3. HTML Colors – Cost: $0.99
    There are probably dozens more apps like this available, but HTML Colors is cheap, easy to use, and offers a nice large view of the color you’re selecting. It even allows you to see how one color of text will appear on another color background, which is vital for webmasters.
  4. Ego – Cost: $1.99
    This has got everything you need all in one simple app to feed your online ego wherever you may be. Quickly and easily view your numbers, with support for statistics tracking from Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, and Squarespace, as well as viewing your number of twitter followers. It’s a simple and intuitive design, so any level of webmaster will love it.
  5. SEO Master & iPageRank – Cost: $0.99 & FREE
    These are grouped together because functionally, they both do the exact same thing: They tell you the Google PageRank of your website. SEO Master costs a dollar and has a decent interface, will save the sites you check pagerank of, and will reload the results when you open the app. iPageRank has an interface that is about as basic as they come, but it’ll show you what you want to know and is free.
  6. Analytics App – Cost: $5.99
    If you’re using Google Analytics to monitor the traffic coming to your site, this is hands-down the absolute best app available to monitor your Analytics statistics. From what I can tell, any statistic available via Google’s web interface for Analytics is available in this app. It’s a bit pricy by my app standards, but is a must-have for stat junkies.
  7. WordPress – Cost: FREE
    This one obviously doesn’t apply to those who don’t use it as a platform for their websites, but if you, like me, are a devout fan of WordPress, then this is for you. It allows you to access your blogs from anywhere, change existing posts, work on drafts saved either locally on the phone or remotely in the database, and publish posts from your phone. Not enough for you? It can also approve comments, reject them, or mark comments as spam and can even upload and manage pictures.
  8. FTP On The Go – Cost: $6.99
    Charting in at the most expensive app on this list, FTP On The Go does not disappoint. This FTP application is impressive by desktop computer standards, so it blows me away how much they could pack in to it. Download, edit, and re-upload files via FTP or FTPS and check them on the built-in web browser all without leaving the application. To make all of those features even easier, it even offers Find/Replace functionality and a Go To Line # command for those longer documents. Those are the core features, but it can do even more and is essential if you need to access your FTP server when away from your computer.
  9. Crop For Free – Cost: FREE
    As a webmaster, cropping is probably the absolute most common image manipulation I have to do. This app allows you to do exactly what it says: crop for free. Simple enough and more useful than you’d think.
  10. Source Viewer – Cost: $0.99
    A rather in-depth source viewer for only 99ยข, this program shows you the source of any website you type in. The “Source” tab shows tags, keywords, and CSS are highlighted in different colors for ease of navigation. The “Links” tab allows you to view all links embedded in the HTML or CSS. You can even tap the source while viewing it to toggle word wrap on and off.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the list. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment and share them.

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