DIY iPod Commercial Costume

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iPod CommercialThis classic costume modeled after Apple’s iconic advertising for the iPod is rather straightforward and easy to do. The goal is to make yourself completely pitch black from head to toe, then hold a white iPod and wear the included white headphones.

  • iPod
    Obviously, to make this costume work you’re going to need an iPod. If you’re planning on doing this costume you probably already have one, but if you don’t you can click the above link to get one. Not only is it the most essential part of the costume, but it is the best mp3 player around. Obviously a “classic” white iPod works best, but anything that will stand out against the black, such as the brightly colored iPod Nanos, will do just fine.
  • Black Longsleve Shirt
    You can find this at any department store. Just make sure it’s very dark black.
  • Black Pants
    Just like the shirt, you can get black pants just about anywhere just make sure they’re very dark black and match up well with the shirt.
  • Black Gloves
    Another run of the mill costume accessory, pick a pair that match up well with everything else and are long enough to cover any gap between your shirt sleeve and the glove.
  • Footwear
    Most people probably won’t be looking down at your feet and judging the rest of the costume based on that, but you should still wear a nice dark black pair of sneakers and some black socks.
  • Black Face Paint
    Cover any and all visible skin on your head and neck.
  • Hair
    Honestly, you’ve got a couple options here. If you already have naturally jet-black hair or have previously decided to dye it that color, you’re already set and just need to worry about the face paint. If not, the two best choices you have are to pick up some black hair spray or just go with a black hat of some sorts to cover your hair.

Do everything right and you’ll end up looking exactly like the silhouettes from Apple’s famous iPod commercials.

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