DIY Philip J. Fry Costume

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fryIn honor of Futurama being officially renewed, I have decided to break down exactly what you need to get, from head to toe, so you can be unfrozen in the proper attire for a year 3000 Halloween party.

  • Orange Hair
    Fry’s most noticeable feature, and probably the trickiest part of the costume, is his hair. Unless you happen to naturally have a unique shade of fluorescent orange hair, you’ll probably want to pick up the above linked hairspray to help out. My suggestion would be to style your hair with heavy styling mousse (unless of course you make your own), to get a nice large wave in the front, let it harden, and spray the hell out of it with the can of orange hairspray. Note: Some of you may not quite have enough hair to do this, but don’t worry, some brushing and styling done to this wig should do the trick!
  • A White T-Shirt
    It doesn’t get more basic than a plain white tagless (may as well be comfortable, too!) Hanes t-shirt. I’m sure Fry has more than one, or he’d likely make Zoidberg smell clean in comparison.
  • Red Windbreaker
    He’s got it on in every episode, so it must be a pretty nice jacket. The jacket I linked to above is just about a perfect fit and, just like about every other part of this costume (save maybe the hairspray) will fit in to your wardrobe flawlessly after it’s use in the costume. Wear it, keep it unzipped, stay warm.
    Note: It looks like the Dickies Windbreaker I originally linked to is no longer available. I’ve updated the link above with a similar list of Jackets that will work just as well.
  • Light Blue Jeans
    Pretty much any jeans will do as long as it’s a light blue color. You’re going to spend the whole party in them and will probably want to wear them more than once, so make sure they’re comfortable.
  • Black Low Top Shoes
    I don’t know that it’s ever been truly revealed, but Fry’s shoes have got to be based of a classic pair of black Converse low tops. If you’re really anal about it, lace them up using the straight easy lacing method.
  • Accessories
    What, you thought you just needed the clothes, the hair, and that’s it? No way, mister! You’re going to need some accessories to go with that costume. First and foremost, you should work hard at developing a nice healthy addiction to Slurm. You’re also certainly going to need a space ship for your new job as an intergalactic delivery boy. Last, but certainly not least, you’re going to need to dump your old friends and embrace your new best friend, Bender Bending Rodriquez.

There you have it! Everything you need to show up to your next costume party as everyone’s favorite unfrozen fool from the stupid ages, Philip J. Fry.

UPDATE 9/13/10: Some of the links I originally used to the items you’ll need have since died. I’ve updated everything with working links to existing products.

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