DIY Dr. Horrible Costume

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Halloween is coming up and I’m sure all of you geeks out there are just ITCHING to find the right costume to impress your other geek friends. I have therefore decided to share the secret of the Dr. Horrible costume. For those of you who know me and are wondering, no, this is not my costume. I’ll be geeking it up in a completely different costume. So, without further ado, here’s where to get all of the parts for your Dr. Horrible Costume:

  • The Goggles
    After searching all over the freaking place for goggles that will look decent atop your forehead, I found a pair that should work over at (where else?).
  • The Lab Coat
    This one is probably the trickiest. The closest thing I could find is the A001 LOS ANGELES coat from the above manufacturer. I wasn’t actually able to find it for sale anywhere, but if you call them I’m sure they can hook you up with a distributor. If you’re lazy and/or not picky, there are tons of generic lab coats for sale at Amazon.
  • The Gloves
    Nice looking white welding gloves are key to the costume. The pair linked above are nice and will do the trick, but if you want the actual gloves used in Neil Patrick Harris’s costume, here’s what you’re looking for.
  • The Boots
    This pair looks perfect. I have no other suggestions, so just swing by Amazon and get these.
  • Pants
    This is probably the least important part of the costume. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear pants (because you should), but just swing by your local department store and pick up a pair of white pants, then tuck them in to the boots.
  • The Freeze Ray
    Last, but certainly not least, any Dr. Horrible needs a Freeze Ray to Stop….. The World. Swing over to Amazon or your favorite toy store, find a suitable water gun, and spray paint it black.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tutorial and if you’ve read this and use this costume for Halloween, or any other costume-wearing event, please post pictures here!

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