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By | May 31, 2008

Wasabi Sushi & Sake Lounge is the newest restaurant to open its doors in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I’ve driven by it several times while they were still getting everything ready, and had been hoping that we would get a good Sushi restaurant near us. This past tuesday, they finally opened up. We’ve eaten at a few different Sushi places of varying qualities and first impressions are always important if it’s a place I plan to go back to.

When you first walk in the doors at Wasabi, you will immediately notice the atmosphere perfectly fits the cuisine. It is very simply designed, but also very elegant and makes a great use of the space that they have. It is the type of atmosphere where you can feel comfortable in casual clothes, but fit in just as well in a suit and tie. Jessie and I were immediately seated in a very comfortable well-lit booth. The menu was very reasonably priced and we decided to start off with some Miso soup, which was among the best Miso soup I’ve had. After looking over the menu, we decided on calamari and vegetable tempura, a Philadelphia roll, and a Las Vegas roll. Shortly thereafter, we received all three dishes. I was immediately impressed by not only how tasty it looked, but also the effort put in to the presentation. It was as much art as it was food. Not only did it look incredibly appetizing, but it tasted just as good as it looked. After a fantastic dinner, we split some Green Tea ice cream that was a great finish to the meal.

If you like Japanese food or are interested in trying something new, I highly recommend Wasabi. It’s on Bluemound Road in Brookfield, WI just east of Moorland on the south side of the road.

Here’s the address and website:

Wasabi Sushi & Sake Lounge
15455 W. Bluemound Road
Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: 262-780-0011
Lunch: Monday – Friday 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: Monday – Friday 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sunday 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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  • http://www.wasabisakelounge.com Woo Wasabi

    Hi, this is Woo, a general manager of Sushi Wasabi.
    We really appreciate your visiting as well as leaving this comment here.
    Your comment really encouraged us to work harder.
    We hope you to visit us again and let us know you have left the comment here.
    Thank you.

  • http://www.digitallywise.com Evan

    Thanks for stopping by here and commenting, Woo. My wife and I really enjoyed your restaurant and will definitely be dining with you again.

  • Scott

    Four of us went to Wasabi tonight, Monday June 2, 2008. Over all I give the place a high rating. The decor is very nice, elegant without be fussy. We were there from about 7PM to a bit after 9. The lighting was a bit bright. I really think they should make it a bit darker as the evening goes on. Also the music was a bit loud but not over powering.

    The food was very good. While I am not a huge sushi fan, my friends are so I let them order. The edamame were good..but we all felt they could use more salt. (perhaps on the side, so you can add salt as the bowl goes down). The Shrimp Tempura was also very good but to large to eat with chop sticks. We had to ask for silverware to cut the tempura. The Tempura sauce was served in a bowl a bit two small we felt. Hard to dip in such a shallow bowl. Perhaps a spoon would have been good to assist. Presentation of the Tempura was a bit bland on a white plate and a piece of folded parchment paper. Really needs to be made into bite size portions to use the chopsticks.

    We chose six different “rolls” as our main meal. Presentation was wonderful as were the rolls. The Wasabi Roll was fantastic… even for someone who was tasting my way through the night.. I really liked it. The Wasabi was of course served on the side and not in the roll. Really spectacular in my opinion. We also had the California, the Dynamite, and several other that were very nice and again just wonderfully displayed. Love the little “trees” and the apple fans. The turtle was just fantastic. Looked a bit like a ninja turtle…heheehehe

    For dessert we had the chocolate souffle with green tea Ice cream. Again very nicely prepared. The souffle was a dense piece of cake, almost like a fudge cupcake with a delish chocolate sauce… not as light and airy as I expected a “souffle” to be, but still extremely yummy. I would call it something other than a souffle. Something like a “small dense chocolate cake topped with a decadent chocolate sauce”. Either way.. it was great.

    All in all a very nice experience.

    Woo, if you are reading this… I understand that you are going thru the opening shake down, and it takes time to work things out. Here are some of my suggestions to make things a bit better.

    The Brookfield water tastes nasty. Get a reverse osmosis filter to get rid of that horrible taste. Other good restaurants in Brookfield have done so. In the mean time offer bottled water. I asked our waitress if you had sparking water like San Pelegrino and the waitress didn’t know what that was. Came back with Nicolet bottled water which we took. While not an asian item, sparkling water is a nice touch, and a good money maker on the mark-up.

    Wait staff is attentive but for a quiet evening like tonight.. they need to step things up. The plates sat empty on the table way to long. They kept refilling the water glasses, but no new ice was added. My diet soda sat empty for long periods of time with out a refill. I was not drinking wine like the rest of my table. In two hours it got refilled once. The bus boy spends to much time up front talking to the ladies at the front counter.

    You don’t have Iced Tea? We were told you would have it soon. If so, make it brewed.. not that stuff out of the tap.

    The menu is kinda hard to read as the font is small and the description is even smaller, both using a brownish red ink. Black ink and a larger font would be much better. As I am sure you have been told.. next time get some one to proof read the menu before it goes to the printer…it’s cute that it has some “eng’rish” issues, but some of them just don’t make sense. And again.. it is really hard to read even in bright light. I had to read the menu out loud with my glasses off to other members of my party who could not see the menu. (ages 32-50)

    Decor is very nice. We were on the hallway heading to the rest rooms. I would dim the ceiling lights along there a bit and let the ambiance of the table lights set the mood.

    One last item on presentation. I would use saucers as underplates on things like the ice creme bowls, the Edamame etc. Just makes them appear a bit more important.


  • Jessie

    We went again last night. It was even better than the first time we went. I would highly recommend the Las Vegas rolls and the Miso soup. Also, Scott, they followed your advice and got sparkling water!

  • http://www.wasabisakelounge.com Woo Wasabi

    We, at Wasabi Restaurant, greatly appreciate all of your feedback. Please continue to leave comments and suggestions. We take all feedback into consideration. We love to hear from our customers, and will continue to try and make your experience a pleasant one.

  • http://www.digitallywise.com Evan

    Thanks again for stopping by, Woo. We just brought a friend out for lunch on Saturday and the food was great, as always. We’ve been recommending your restaurant to all of our family and friends.

  • no need to know me

    You guys make Wasabi sound like its an AWESOME place!
    But if you look closely at everything…I have to be honest…but the management SUCKS!
    Sometimes it’s TOO cold in there..We understand that it’s hot outside and all but it doesn’t need to be that cold inside.
    Don’t get me wrong there are some good things to it…
    I mean “some” of the waitresses are very nice.
    Some are really pretty but there is one that just doesn’t fit there.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I use to be a waitress at Wasabi. When everything was being set up and last adjustments were made, I was there to lend a hand whenever and wherever it was needed. But, even after all that hard work and determination to make the manager and owner see that I was a good asset to the team, I was never called back to work one afternoon. I am very upset with that, I never even got a call saying I was “fired” or anything, it was just complete silence from them. I mean, the food is great, the environment is nice, and the staff are awesome .. but it’s the manager and other “head” staff that I dislike greatly. It is such a disappointment, I am deeply angered by their lack of responsibility and organizational skills.

  • SushiLover

    WOW! What a great sushi restaurant and I must say, after eating at sushi places all over the US, this is by far our favorite.

    The owner is awesome and very friendly. Since my husband and I have been multiple times, he always welcomes us. The sushi chiefs are funny and boy, can they make some incredible rolls. The rolls are the most creative and the flavors meld together in an yummy way.

    Keep up the good work and oh, the green tea ice cream and chocolate dessert is super delicious!!!

    You have become our favorite and only sushi hangout.
    Thanks for being in Brookfield.
    Michell and Dennis

  • Sushi chica

    My co-worker and I tried out the lunch menu for our first time visit. The many options for lunch are very generous and with both of us ordering an entree we had more than enough to share and still ended up taking some home with us. The calamari is divine, I mean it. I think I will be stopping by for a drink and calamari snack in the near future. Possibly before I try to talk my husband in to going back with me.

    By the way, ladies if your husband doesn’t appreciate sushi cuisine, they have great filet and chilean sea bass too.

    I was greatly impressed by the welcome we received: warm, smiles and a great atmosphere. The lighting was perfect for the time of day, not like the above comment regarding to bright for nighttime dining.

    I would agree with Scott above about the water, maybe their still working on that, but it has a very odd taste to it. I’ve lived in Waukesha for nine years now and still won’t drink the tap water. What is it out here??

    Overall, the staff seem to be staying on target compared to the comments made in June, they were more than happy to help with questions and suggestions(which we welcomed and took advantage of). The Sushi Chefs would say something each time someone walked in (I’m guessing it was a welcome of some sort) I would have liked to know what they were saying. They also kept a keen enough eye on the restaurant to know when you were leaving and also made sure to say thank you and good bye.

    Overall, I’m looking forward to bringing a few of my friends to enjoy “WASABI”. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Bags

    Just completed my first eating experience at Wasabi. Excellent. The food is very good, the price is reasonable for fresh fish and the staff was attentive (on the spot attentive!). I will return often. The only downside is exiting the parking lot…..but I think I can deal with a little traffice to enjoy a very good dining experience.

  • http://www.digitallywise.com Evan

    It’s true, that is a horrible parking lot. Especially if you need to turn left out of the lot on to Bluemound. Turning right isn’t so bad.

  • :)

    Evan…you’re really popular here?
    Eat there a lot?
    Don’t think i’ve met you have I?

  • http://www.digitallywise.com Evan

    I don’t know, have you? ;)

  • anonymous

    I went to Wasabi on the recommendation of my instructor who said it was his “new all-time favorite” for sushi. I’m no expert on Sushi but WOW yummy! It was defintely worth the schlep from Wauwatosa. I’m planning lunch there with my co-workers soon. Might have to make it a recurring event!

  • Joshua

    The food and everything was great. Except for one that was kind of disturbing. There was a man, I’m assuming he was the manager/owner because he was walking around talking to customers. He was standing by the hostess I could see them having a conversation. Then I heard him yell at her saying, “Are you stupid?!?” Yeah, he was THAT loud. And to top it off, he picked up the menu’s and it looked like he was going to hit her. She looked up and saw people were leaving and said goodbye to them. I felt and still feel bad for that girl. She should not have to deal with anyone calling her stupid nor someone trying to hit her with menu’s, ESPECIALLY from management. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! I do not know if they were related… but in any case, He should not have done anything like that.
    I will continue to eat there but I hope the next time I do, I hope HE has more respect for not only his customers but for his employees as well.

  • :)

    Joshua…that guy was the owner…you should all the other times he yells at the employees…UGH! It’s AWFUL…I think I’ve seen him yell at the wait staff and even the mangers…He needs some help..I think, in my opinion, he isn’t going to have anymore employees there if he treats them like crap…if he thinks he’s any better than why not help them out instead of yelling at them whether it be from behind closed doors or in front of customers…how disrespectful!

    Evan…I’ve been there plenty of times…Wouldn’t this be funny if we knew each other…lol…Is Evan your real name?

  • :)

    hahaha…I just noticed…Evan this is your page thingy lol..that’s why you’re always here…

  • http://www.digitallywise.com Evan

    Yep! I’m always here because it’s my blog.

  • Sue

    Hey Evan! What happened to my comments. Didn’t like them? Freedom of speech man!

  • http://www.digitallywise.com Evan

    I removed your comments because you used a clearly fake email address, you posted two different posts both ranting pretending to be two different people. Sorry, but freedom of speech does not apply when replying to blogs. I don’t work at Wasabi, I just like their food, so if you have an issue with them, this is probably the wrong place to take it up. Try discussing it with their management.

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    I and my wife enjoyed it too.Really amazing.

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