Computer Woes

Windows decided to take a complete dump on me today and I ended up spending the last 6 hours fixing my computer. Thankfully, I was able to pop in a live cd of Ubuntu 7.10 that I had lying around which allowed me to back up everything of value on to my slave drive, but as is always the case with Windows, nothing went quite how it was supposed to. I had to reinstall it twice before I could get it fully working again and now I’m running through a seemingly endless series of Windows Updates. I suppose I should be thankful that my hard drive didn’t fail or anything like that, but it sure is a pain in the ass to have to deal with pile of crap that is Windows.

It’ll be nice when Jessie and I get new iMacs and I can work with an operating system that was actually written well. At least when something goes wrong with Mac OS X I’ll know it was something I did and not some random corrupted system file that just happens to prevent the computer from fully loading, sending it in to a spiraling descent of reboots and system errors.

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